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From the preparation of legal documents and all your other transactions, to consultancy for your legal problems. This is the address for your legal advice and needs.


Lawyers are the people who provide the resolution of legal issues and disputes, aiming to reach the best possible result by observing the rights of their parties, and providing a proxy for people’s legal problems. Thanks to Ask a Lawyer, real and legal persons will be able to get help on how to easily solve all the problems they encounter in their daily lives and the disputes they are in. Our lawyers find out how to solve the reported problems in the most effective way, and in this direction, they support the clients at every stage in solving the problems. With Ask a Lawyer, real and legal persons will receive consultancy from our expert lawyers, reach the most effective solution regarding the issue they want to solve, and get answers to all the questions in their minds. All questions of our clients will be answered online by lawyers who are experts in their fields. People who do not have a personal lawyer will be able to get information about all their problems in this way. One of the most important advantages of this system is that you will save time thanks to this online service. While trying to reach a lawyer is a time-consuming process in itself, you will be able to get answers to your questions on our site within just twenty-four hours. Our lawyers will only serve you online. All questions and answers asked by clients to our lawyers will not be shared with third parties. In this period when everything is started to be carried out online, getting services from lawyers online will also provide you with great convenience.



As it is known, in today’s globalizing world, almost all services can be carried out online. This method makes people’s lives much easier. Online counseling service to lawyers is a method that has been put forward to make the life of clients easier based on this idea. Real and legal persons may have time problems in the complexity of daily life and cannot find enough time to seek advice by finding a lawyer. It is very important for real and legal persons to use online legal consultancy services to save time, our most important asset. It not only saves time, but also saves a lot of money. Rather than hiring a lawyer by paying huge prices, it is much more advantageous for people to get online consultancy services from lawyers on the issues they need. Thanks to this service we offer you, you can have the advantage of getting services from our lawyers who are experts in their fields at very reasonable prices.



Our clients can receive services on all the issues they need by our lawyers who are experts in their fields, within twenty-four hours. The main topics we serve are; Real Estate Law, Labor Law, Personal and Family Law, Corporate Law. You can ask our lawyers questions on any subject you want. Real and legal persons within the framework of Real Estate Law on rental contracts, lease termination protocol or commitment to eviction, within the framework of Business Law on partnership and employment contracts and confidentiality agreements, Within the framework of Personal and Family Law in divorce matters and inheritance matters or Custody matters, Individual, limited and joint stock companies If you want to establish a company, you can consult our lawyers online within the framework of Company Law and ask questions about what you have in mind.




Thanks to our Ask a Lawyer service, you can avoid paying large sums and get services from our lawyers at reasonable prices. If you want to benefit from our Ask a Lawyer service and want to see how this process and the system work beforehand, you can take advantage of the 7-day free membership right of our site. If you want to continue later, you can subscribe monthly so you have the right to ask a question every day. The price of our one-month subscription is 1700 Turkish Liras. If you want to consult our lawyers about a subject without subscribing, you can get a question ticket once. The fee for asking questions to our lawyers once is 350 Turkish Liras. In addition to all these, you can download our ready-made contracts about all the subjects you need from our site and use them easily. Thanks to this service we offer to make the life of our clients easier, your questions are forwarded to you by our expert lawyers within twenty-four hours at very reasonable prices.