Do I Need a Corporate Lawyer?

A corporate attorney protects anyone who invests in your company by advising on business transactions. Learn more about what corporate lawyers do.

What Does a Company Lawyer Do?

A corporate attorney protects everyone who invests in your company (you, shareholders, employees, creditors, etc.) by advising on business transactions. Not all corporate lawyers will sue, so if you need to take someone to court, you may need to seek out a business litigation attorney.

When Will I Need a Corporate Lawyer?

Not all business transactions require a lawyer, and business owners are increasingly using the web to meet their more precise business needs. Using the Internet, you can apply for an employer identification number (EIN) and create documents such as Meeting Minutes or Confidentiality Agreement. Day-to-day business operations generally do not require a lawyer.

If you’re looking to incorporate your business, or if you’ve already started a business and need advice on your legal responsibilities, you may need a corporate attorney.

A corporate attorney can advise you on matters arising from the c- or s-corp structure. This may include matters including investor rights, acquisitions and mergers, environmental law, corporate structuring, hiring and more. You can also seek the advice of a corporate attorney to avoid potential legal complications.

How Much Does a Corporate Lawyer Cost?

Not all attorneys use the same billing method, but many corporate attorneys charge per hour. This rate does not include filing fees for any paperwork that must be submitted. Fees can be high for a good corporate lawyer, so be sure to set a price with your attorney in advance.

What Should I Expect From Working With a Corporate Lawyer?

After working with a corporate attorney, you can be confident that you and your investors will be protected from personal lawsuits in business matters.